The Difference – Donginbi Cleansing Duo

Donginbi Cleansing Duo

When it comes to the cleansing products, I am skeptical to buy luxury brands. Actually, most of the conventional luxury brands do make cleansing products but most of the time, they are made as supplemental side products of already well-known skincare line rather than independent and dedicated cleansing line.

Cleansing products from the luxury brands are merely the different in price and fragrance. But after I tried DONGINBI’s cleansing duo, I could feel the differences in and out and here is why.


Trying the Donginbi cleansing products


Just as common sense, I think the virtue of the cleansing products come from their cleansing ability. There are products claiming the hydration effects and skin-improving quality, but it definitely is not supposed to be criteria for choosing cleansing products since we always use other skincare routines after the cleansing.

Red Ginseng Moisture & Rich Cleansing Balm

The Red Ginseng Moisture & Rich Cleansing Balm has very unique texture. It is not a conventional sherbet type cleanser as Banila Co’s Clean it Zero, rather it is somewhere between gel and the paste. It gently liquidify and roll on the skin very nicely. It does have fragrance – the signature floral-ginseng of DONGINBI, which is pleasurably subtle.

As I said, cleansers should cleanse well so I tested the cleansing balm with 6 famous persistent makeup products

Donginbi Cleansing Balm Review

(from up to down)

  1. CHANEL Rouge Coco Stylo
  2. Etude House – Dear Darling Tint
  3. Kiss Me – Heroin Make Mascara
  4. Benefit – Goof Proof Brow Pencil
  5. The Saem – Super Slim Eye Liner
  6. Clio – Sharp So Simple Eye Liners

After gentle rolling, eye liners, CHANEL and eyebrow products are mostly gone, but I think you will need lip & eye remover for the Kiss Me mascara and Dear Darling Tint. Due to the hydrating property of the cleansing balm, it was not over-dried even after washing them with water. Interestingly, even after I used the cleansing foam, skin was nicely hydrated as if I applied hydrating toner.




First, let’s talk about the balm. Instead of the using mineral oil as base, DONGINBI used skin-identical fatty acids (ethylhexyl palmitate, Oleic/linoleic/linolenic polyglyceride) and glycerine as base. Due to this skin-friendly approach, DONGINBI created an excellent cleansing balm with decent hydrating property. DONGINBI’s signature ingredient panax red ginseng oil is also formulated, enhancing this already excellent cleansing balm’s therapeutic property. Furthermore, it also contains many therapeutic herbs as supplemental ingredients.

Cleansing Foam is even more surprising. It is literally water-free product, based with glycerin and panax ginseng root water.

Arguably, I think it is the most hydrating cleanser in the market since it is literally made with hydrating ingredient – glycerin. Surprisingly, it is made without any sulfate-family surfactants and cocamidopropyl betaine. Instead, DONGINBI used myristic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid trio and potassium hydroxide for saponification. This inherently optimal formula ensures gently, hydrating yet thorough cleansing.


Donginbi Cleansing Duo Review


Final Thought


As I mentioned in the head of this article, I have prejudice on luxury cleansing products. But DONGINBI’s Cleansing duo are really different in & out. It really does maintain the moisture even after the thorough cleansing, formulated fundamentally different from other brands. So if you are looking for gently, hydrating and luxury cleaning routine for this winter, I think you just found them – DONGINBI’s Moisture & Pure Cleansing Foam and Balm.