Relatively Unconventional Male Skincare

Donginbi Men Skincare

Donginbi Men Skincare

Do you still remember the refreshing or somewhat overwhelming scent of the classical men’s skincare products? It probably encourages nostalgia of your father or tingling sensation of your first aftershave, or maybe the memory of your prom date. Whatever our emotion is that, men’s skincare products have been heavily focused on the refreshing sensation rather than hydration or skin improvement.

From early 2000, many dedicated men’s skincare was introduced on the market – both retail store brands and department store luxury brand – yet not many of them were focused on ingredients and skin-improving potential of the skincare products. After the renewal, Doningbi renewed most of its products and men’s care also got significant improvement.

Donginbi Men Skincare Set

1. First Look

As many men’s products are packaged as bundle, The Red Ginseng Homme Power line comes with Moisture Balancing Toner and Balancing Emulsion along with 4 deluxe size samples (toner, essence, emulsion and cleansing foam.) It is packaged in a modern black box, seems like an excellent choice for the gift for the grooming savvy guys, yet the subtle hint of sandalwood may be more appealing for the middle-aged men. However, the scent itself is greatly attenuated from the classical men’s products, so it is not overwhelming. The texture is relatively matt and refreshing, so it doesn’t leave any oily residue on the skin, so I think it is formulated for the oily skin, fundamentally.

2. Ingredients

What I really like about the Donginbi products after renewal, they substitute the water with red ginseng water. Both of toner and emulsion are based with red ginseng water, and enhanced with red ginseng extract, and red ginseng oil. Considering men’s products are rarely made with this level of sophistication, I think Donginbi’s approach is very inspiring for other companies.

Furthermore, if I am paying stiff price tag for your skincare products, I’d like to see more than 90% of water and other non-essential ingredients. Additionally, both of the products are formulated with other Asian herb extract and skin-brightening niacinamide, making this already good product even better.

Deluxe essence has very similar formulation with emulsion yet, it contains a lot more hydrating ingredients such as squalene and panthenol. So if you think you (or your lover) have dry skin, I think the Red Ginseng Homme Power Lifting Energy Essence is a better choice than Balancing emulsion. The most interesting formula can be found in the cleansing foam, it has glycerin – a known hydrating ingredient as a base.

Considering the texture of the Balancing Toner and Emulsion, the use of the glycerin in the base is very interesting. One thing in common in all products is that all products are based with or made with decent amount of the red ginseng. The excellent antioxidant property of the red ginseng makes skin radiant and revitalized, of course.

To be honest, when I saw the denatured alcohol in the ingredient list, I was not very happy about the toner. But when you consider most of the men use toner as aftershave as well, I think it was an inevitable formulation for Donginbi as well. Other than that, I don’t have much complain about this chic looking bundle. Again, this all black package and black-blusish product bottles are too handsome to resist. So if you need a gift set for your loved one, I think Donginbi’s Red Ginseng Homme Power line bundle can be a really good choice. I can guarantee you, they will like it.