One Drop per Root — Patented Red Ginseng Oil.
Production of CheongKwanJang Red Ginseng involves 100% contract-cultivated Ginseng, over 290 types of tests, and finally the touch of a strictly selected master craftsman. Donginbi's 1899 line is infused with valuable Red Ginseng Oil and holds 7 Red Ginseng Oil patents, representing the craftsmanship of 1899 Tech. 
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Power Repair

The Red Ginseng Power Repair line revitalizes dull skin while improving the look of firmness with 1899 Tech Red Ginseng Extract. This signature ingredient with over 100 years of history restores density, elasticity and youthfulness to skin. Red Ginseng Oil, with only one drop extracted per root, improves the look of wrinkles to make skin feel firmer and more lifted.
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Moisture and

Based on the philosophy that a radiant and beautiful complexion begins with balanced skin, this intensive moisturizing line adjusts the skin’s oil and water balance. Condensed Red Ginseng Water infuses skin with nourishing moisture for a healthy, luminous radiance.
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The Donginbi Daily Defense line protects skin sensitized from harmful external environmental aggressors using the Daily Defense Clear Skin Formula.™ Powerful nutrients counteract everyday stressors including fatigue, pollution and stress while infusing vitality into skin for a brighter, healthier look.
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Specialized skin balancing formulas for men provide moisture and nutrients with 1899 Tech Red Ginseng Oil, Water and Extract. These anti-aging ingredients target fine lines, wrinkles and dullness for an overall improvement in texture.
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